The Black Sea Forum for Dialogue and Partnership

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The Black Sea Forum for Dialogue and Partnership Empty The Black Sea Forum for Dialogue and Partnership

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The Black Sea Forum for Dialogue and Partnership is an inclusive and transparent process of reflection about the region, its identity and its future, bringing together all contributing actors with a view to fostering synergy, enhance confidence building and facilitate achievable regional projects that address genuine regional needs. Such a process is based upon an active and open-ended dialogue among state bureaucracies and civil societies of regional countries, as well as with institutions, governments and academia of the Euro-Atlantic community. The Black Sea Forum is not just another seminar about the Black Sea region, but rather a process of refined interaction at various levels, led and owned by the countries in the region with the support and contribution of the European and Euro-Atlantic community.

The aim of the Forum is to create an overarching platform of engagement within and with the region, in order to forge a regional vision and a common mind-set and to shape coordinating structures based on that common vision. The ultimate aim is to transform the entire region into a zone of secure sovereign countries, sharing viable market economies, enjoying open and responsive systems of government, and to maintain strong links and interdependencies with the Euro-Atlantic community, with the prospect of further extending and consolidating the area of freedom, security and stability on the whole shore of the Black Sea and beyond.

On the 5th of June 2006, Bucharest hosted the summit launching the Black Sea Forum for Dialogue and Partnership that brought together Heads of State and Government, Ministers and other high representatives of the Black Sea countries, as well as senior officials of the European Union and NATO, European countries and the United States, regional and international organisations. The Forum was also attended by representatives of NGOs, think-tanks, academic and research institutions, the civil society and business associations and companies from the region and the Euro-Atlantic community.

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