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Post  LeeRain on Sun Dec 26, 2010 8:47 am

Unreal Tournament - Game of the Year Edition - PC[/SIZE][/U]

 Unreal Tournament - PC  119xfd5[/CENTER]


Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition is a classic First Person Shooter, with graphics and gameplay combining to make an excellent combination. Unfortunately, another thing that makes it a classic FPS is the fact that it has a very sketchy story, which, at least in my opinion, ends up being just an excuse to shoot people.


The gameplay is pretty damn good, and that means a lot coming from me, seeing as I have played just about every mainstream shooter that has come out since about 2003. The main problem with the gameplay is that your sniper rifle has semi-automatic aiming. You can be pointing the scope at an unmoving target's chest, and the bullet will smoke him in the face. I can maybe understand this with other guns, but when it comes to sniping, that just shouldn't happen.

 Unreal Tournament - PC  16m292d


If you crank up all the graphic options up to full, which almost any computer can run anyway, the graphics in this game are pretty impressive considering its creation date.(1999) The models are blurry, as can be expected, the edges aren't perfect, the textures aren't exactly what you would call stellar, but it is most definitely presentable. There are 3 levels of gore in the game: Normal, Reduced, and Ultra-low. When set at normal, the models "shatter" bloodily when killed. When set at reduced, blood and other gory detail is, fittingly enough, reduced. Ultra-low is pretty low, considering the models just fall down and die.


I searched all over the Internet, watched the in-game videos, and I could figure about nothing. I am not the brightest bulb in the box, so maybe I missed something, but all I understood is that for some reason, unbeknownst to me, you are fighting in a tournament, and you want to win.

 Unreal Tournament - PC  9jlzz7


The weapons in this game are fun to use and even fun to watch someone else use. They are very effective if used properly, but can be very frustrating if you are a noob to the FPS world. My personal favourite would be the chainsaw for its gory, and amusing, use. With 14 weapons in total, you are obviously going to have a few that you quite enjoy using.

[SIZE="2"]Online Multiplayer:[/SIZE]

Being as it is, an old game, Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition has a relatively small online community, but its large enough to play any mode you want at any time no matter what the time zone. There are noobs, but not many considering the fact that if you are a noob, you've probably never even heard of this game. There are quite a few modes, and if you love playing FPS games online, I strongly recommend this game for you.

 Unreal Tournament - PC  312txeo


-Great time killer, judging by the fact that I will get on and plan to play an hour or so and realize I got carried away 3 hours later.
-Good graphics
-Awesome Gameplay
-Excellent Multiplayer
-Huge range of weapons
-Try to find me an everyday computer that can't run this game
-I have never found a glitch or bug
-Very cheap


-No story as far as I can tell
-Difficult to find in stores
-Possible compatibility issues with newer operating systems

Overall, I recommend this game to all who love shooting games and can live with graphics that don't scream, "Touch me, I'm real!"

[SIZE="4"]Score: 9/10[/SIZE]

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