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Post  LeeRain on Sun Dec 26, 2010 8:49 am

This game needs no introduction, but I think it has become the norm to do so. Way back in 2005 Traveller's Tales released the magnificent Lego Star Wars. Since then, they've come a long way with Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter also under their belt of awesome. Without any more of this introduction crap, lets begin...

 Lego Harry Potter - Xbox 360  Legoharry


The story is the one you can read in the books, or watch in the films. I'm not going to bore you with the details of every Harry Potter books, but I'll give you a general feel (nice choice of words) of the levels. The levels are played out with humour, even the saddest moments get that Lego humour spun it. Or there other forms of humour in the level, such as Ron playing the trumpet, and Hermione hitting him.

As is the norm with the Lego games, you play through six important scenes, which are all equally as fun.


I am sure you're familiar with this: you blow stuff up, collect mini kits, and buy characters to unlock more stuff. But this game has revitalized what was becoming a stale way of playing. Instead of just buying characters, you now need their character token. It takes longer, but the longer the game the better, unless it is 400 hours long. Screw that. Also the mini-kits we all know and love are now Hogwarts Crests, which are made up of four (not ten) pieces.

The “player hub” has been vastly improved, and it is a lot bigger. No longer are you confined to the small space of Mos Eisley Cantina, or that university from Lego Indie. Oh, no. You are free to travel Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley and a few hidden places.

The character classes, if you will, from the old games, which usually consisted of the small kids who can fit into the small holes (nice choice of words), the blaster, or the people with helmets who can go into special places only they are allowed to have been removed sort of. This has been replaced by a spells system, and a minor version of the old system. I think the spells deserve a paragraph of their own, so lets talk about the minor version first. This is a bit of the old, where you need a certain character to get past or to a secret place, but they aren't like the storm troopers or the thuggee. They are Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, and the house portraits require you to be in that house, or have the comical disguises so they'll give you whatever item they hold. The disguises are just an extra hair piece on top of their current hair pieces. It is quite funny.

 Lego Harry Potter - Xbox 360  LEGO-Harry-Potter-Years-1-4

The spell system: bringing warmth to the cold character system, or something to that effect. You have multiple spells, that can be learnt, and the others which you must buy. I don't like how the spells from the shop have no obvious game changing effect, but it is nice to turn Hermione's hair into flowers once in a while. You need certain spells like Reducto to blow up the locks and metallic looking objects, to unlock crest pieces. But you don't get Reducto until the near-end of the game, so it is cool that you have to wait to go back again for some levels for 100% completion. I could list each spell, but there must be about 30, and that is something I'm not doing. There is a circle on top of your character screen in the top left which has colours around it. These symbolise the many spells you can use, and you just press a button and it rotates, so you can select a spell.


Collectables take a big part in the Lego games, and the things they unlock are fantastic. I'll give you an idea of what you can collect. The most obvious being studs. Studs are money, and you get them for blowing up stuff, or not blowing up stuff. Anything, really. There are four types of stud.

Bronze - 10
Silver - 100
Blue - 1000
Purple - 10000

Obviously, the higher the amount of money, the harder they are to find or get.

Red Bricks are the hardest to find, in my opinion. There are 20 to collect, and they grant you things like X4 score, which is basically X4 the money you earn. They are worth collecting just for the detectors (gold brick, red brick, crest, character).

Gold Bricks, there are 200 of them, and for unlocking them all you unlock the bonus level which I've yet to get. I am close, however. The bonus level is in Borgin and Burkes in Knockturn alley. Enough of that, however. You get a gold brick for completing a crest, getting true wizard on each level, rescuing the students in peril and for completing the level for the first time. You can also find them scattered throughout the player hubs. In the basement of The Leaky Cauldron, you can find four statues to be built for getting all the gold bricks in year 1, 2, 3 and 4. You're rewarded a gold brick for completing each year.

Crests are made up of four pieces, each piece representing one of the four Hogwart's houses. These do nothing special, except give a gold brick each, and contribute to 100% completion.

 Lego Harry Potter - Xbox 360  LEGO-Harry-Potter-Years-1-4_2


What can I say, the magnificent, sometimes exceptional music of Harry Potter has been put into the game. It isn't original, or fresh, but the music is top notch, and you're just not gonna care. It has become rather easy to forget music in a game, due to the gameplay being (usually) the most absorbing, but with Harry Potter, it isn't that easy. I know I often say how marvellous the music is, but it really is.


The characters each have their own traits that make them unique, and individual (much like the MILLIONS of * unique * emos, not having a go, just saying. It is unlikely.) making them more fun to use, and also want to use other characters. For example, Ron is rubbish are flying broomsticks in the books, so this is replicated in to the game, by having Ron fly exaggeratedly over the top bad. It is funny.

Each character is also funny in their own way. Professor Quirell walks around as normal, but with Lord Voldemort on the back of his head smiling. Ron runs like the babbling fool he is, and jumps like a complete retard.


These are relatively easy, but are quite fun. The majority are wingardium leviosa this, wingardium that. However, some are quite fun, and a little challenging. I'm not an idiot, you just gotta do some guesswork. Others are more elaborate, such as in the herbology secret area.

 Lego Harry Potter - Xbox 360  Lego-harry-potter-years-1-4_16308


As with most games, the AI is a tool. In this game, it is extremely annoying. You gotta run around on the spot in one case before the AI acknowledges your existence and helps you. I hope that is fixed in a patch.

[SIZE="2"]THE Bonus Level:[/SIZE]

I almost forgot about this – it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to unlock. It is well worth the hilarious cutscene, and Lord Voldemort as a playable character. You have to get 1,000,000 studs and run around London in a flashback, blowing stuff up, or riding the numerous vehicles, such as cars and buses. The hilarious cutscene shows us how Harry got his scar, making light of the sadness. Voldy uses Avade Kedavra which ricochets off Harry's forehead, onto the light, and back to the unsuspecting Voldemort.

To unlock it you must get every gold brick – a hefty feat.

 Lego Harry Potter - Xbox 360  Lego-harry-potter-years-1-4-20100406114655811_640w


This is an excellent game, and is a vast improvement over its predecessors. However, if you're looking for a hard game, you should go 100% Star Ocean. It makes use of humour and witty cutscenes to good use, and is definitely something you should buy straight away.

[SIZE="5"]9.5/10 [/SIZE]

(the number of failures aren't enough to take away all the great stuff)

+Great characters
+A lot of fun
-Stupid AI

A little side-note: due to how long it took me to complete this 100%, the month of lego will be expanded over a longer period of time, due to the immense work that went into 100%-ing it. Sorry if this causes an inconvenience to anyone who cares.

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